Key Features

Search & Connect Members

Search Members by city, business type, name and many more options, and connect with members to exchange information and make association stronger.


Dynamic Event management with enrollments and online payment facility, and bookmark an event in mobile calendar.

Market Place

Most Powerfull feature to allow members exchange busines requirements within association members and enabler of business generation

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Get members involve more...

ASSOMO's modern and intuitive mobile app platform makes it easy and convenient for association members to share their thoughts, knowledge and discuss about current industry afairs.

Spread the word

With Assomo association can spread the world at lightning speed, members can get the information or notifications instantly.

Platform for business exchange

Assomo's unique MarketPlace platform can be used to exchange business requirements which inturn can empower association members to get more benefit from references of association network, this will help generate direct or indirect business.

Two way communication channel, existed never before

Assomo enables every association member to speak out and express their opinion about any and every topic, which otherwise is not possible in any other way.

Follow leaders and likely minded people

Get to know who all are the members of association, connect and follow them.

Happy Clients

Assomo is being implemented at various associations and communities to empower its members with innovative mobile tool